Trapped Inverted V 30,17m
Inverted V with Two Traps 10&30 metre operation This page describes the performance of an inverted V antenna with two resonant traps. It is  fabricated using any reasonably small gage insulated wire so that it can be mounted on top of a sturdy fibreglass mast up to 7 metres high. The merits of this antenna are its dual band operation and ease of matching. The small disadvantage of the antenna is that is not easy to rotate.   Gain @ 10 MHz = 1.8 dbi at a take off angle of 30 degrees. Gain @ 18 MHz = 4.3 dBi at a take off angle of 30 degrees. Dimensions are given in the 4nec2 file.  Lcoil = 2.6 uH. Trap frequency = 18 MHz.
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Polar Pattern..Vertical plane 10 MHz Azimuth angle = 30 degrees Gain @ 10 MHz = 1.81 dBi
Antenna Layout Oriented along the X axis Azimuth = 90 degrees Loading Coils not seen in this view
Polar Pattern..Vertical plane 18 MHz Azimuth angle = 30 degrees Gain @ 10 MHz = 4.34dBi
Frequency Response 8 to 20 MHz Well matched at 10 and 18 MHz
Shown below is the measured frequency response. Note that the antenna as designed is tuned slightly low at both 10 and 18 MHz. Tuning for this antenna is accomplished by changing the length of the wires that are connected to the feed point.