TCA Files for VE3KL Column
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This page contains support documents for my column in the TCA.  They contain PowerPoint, EZNEC, 4nec2, Excel files and other support information. You can view these files as you read the columns.   Simply click on the appropriate button to download the file of interest.  Click here for the 2013 files  
Jan/Feb Mar/Apr  2011
Excel SpreadSheet Calculates Characteristic Impedance EZNEC File L Antenna 14 MHz
Mar/April 2012
EZNEC File L Antenna 18 MHz EZNEC File 40 metres Hamstick DIpole
May/Jun 2011
EZNEC File 20 Metre Hamstck DIpolenna Excel Zo Calculator
Jan-Apr 2011
EZNEC Yagi File EZNEC Dipole Free Space File EZNEC Dipole Ground File EZNEC Vertical File
May/June 2012
Sept/Oct 2012
EZNEC Circular Loop 0.5 M EZNEC Near Field 14 MHz EZNEC Circular Loop 2.0 M EZNEC Polar Plot 14 MHz EZNEC Circular Loop 1.0 M EZNEC Circular Loop 1.5 M TCA Files