Portable Antennas
Portable Antenna Page (links to more detail) This page contains a compendium of popular HF portable antennas.  The purpose is to provide a unified way of comparing these antennas so a user can select a good antenna for his/her use. This compendium is a work in progress with examples being added regularly.  The work contains antenna measurements, simulation using 4nec2 antenna simulator and a discussion about the merits of each antenna. There is also a link to a presentation made by VE3KL on the subject of Portable antennas. The antennas are usually evaluated at 20 metres but in most cases can easily be scaled to other bands. I have designed, built and tested many HF antennas and am quite confident in the results presented here.  My usual test set consists of an AIM 7140 vector impedance analyzer and several other simple instruments ( R,L,C meters and an infra red temperature sensor). I provide 4nec2 links to the simulation files so you change the antennas for your purposes. The metric that I use for the performance of portable HF antennas is: The antenna gain at a take off angle of 30 degrees for a maximum antenna height of approximately 7 metres (some variations but never higher than 10 metres). The ease of matching the antenna and its native bandwidth. The antenna complexity (size, weight, number of traps/loading coils, portability). Click Pictures below to get more information. (Most are not active yet but the 4nec2 are available.) Click on the 4nec2 links below to download the simulation files.  Instructions for running the files can be found here.
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Full Sized Dipole...5.1 dBi  14 MHz  4nec2
Inverted V...4.0 dBi 14 MHz  4nec2
Inverted V Two Loading Coils..3.1dBi 14 MHz  4nec2
Inverted V Trapped 10 & 30 m 4.3 dBi@ 18 MHz, 1.8 dBi @10 MHz 4nec2
Buddipole/Hamstick Type Tripod mounted 14 MHz 4nec2
Vertical Dipole Half Wave 14 MHz 4nec2
Short Vertical Four Low Radials Loading Coil   -8.4 dBi 14 MHz   4nec2
Quarter Wave Vertical Four Low Radials  -2.0 dBi 14 MHz  4nec2
End Fed Full Wave 14 MHz.... 2.5 dBi 4nec2
Full Wave Diamond 14 MHz.... 5.3 dBi 4nec2
Pedestrian Mobile (Very Short Radial) 14 MHz.... -11.1 dBi 4nec2
Pedestrian Mobile (One Radial) 14 MHz.... -6.6 dBi 4nec2
Diamond Loading Coils  3 uH 14 MHz...3.4 dBi 4nec2
Not Active
Dipole Two Loading Coils..4.5 dBi  14 MHz  4nec2
End Fed Half Wave 14 MHz....0.36  dBi 4nec2