Pedestrian Mobile One Radial

Pedestrian Mobile One Radial

This antenna is used by Hams with the use of a trailing radial.  Length of radial =  4.0m.   Dimensions are given in the 4nec2 file. Gain @ 30 degree take off angle = -11.1  dBi at 14 MHz.
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3D antenna pattern Antenna radiation is endfire with nearly vertical polarization. The maximum gain is only -6.6 dBi at an azimuth angle of 90 degrees.

Frequency Response: Optimized in 4nec2 for 14 MHz operation.

Impedance @ resonance =  67 Ohm due the long radial Length of Radial = 4.0 m.  Vertical height only 2 m. Loading coil is large (14.3 uH)
Geometry of the Antenna. Trailing radial oriented along the x direction with the bicycle traveling along the -x direction. A loading coil is used to keep the antenna height small.
Polar pattern showing a maximum gain of -6.6 dBi at a 30 degree takeoff angle.