VE3KL Session  4
In session 3 we started measuring the noise figure of our receiver (Dongle). In this session we will review the process and repeat a few measurements.  It is important to use the ENR of your particular noise source and not the sample numbers supplied in the spread sheet used to collect data. The calibration for your noise source can be found in the calibration file.  The noise source ENR is contained in the last column of the spreadsheet. We will then move on to the main theme of this session: to measure the gain of your Dead-Bug amplifier from 50 to 1300 MHz.  Remember that the amplifier uses a UHF transistor so its gain (even in the Dead-Bug asembly type) is quite large up to and beyond 200 MHz.  A starter spreadsheet for gain measurements in included in the Documents page for your use. The background theory can be found in the noise theory presentation, also posted on the Documents page of this project
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