VE3KL Session  2
In this session we will start the process of measuring noise figure and collecting some elementary data with the aid of an Excel spreasheet that I will pass out and also post under documents. Please download the speadsheet and put it on a usb stick before the session. The main item however for this session is to assemble the deadbug HF amplifier that will be used as a convenient device to test (DUT).  The assembly instructions  are located here. You will need to bring a simple set of electronic tools for its assembly.  We will supply some special tools that are used infrequently.  If you do not have the following items that is fine because we are forming small groups to do the assembly and testing. Just bring what you can. Tools suggested: Soldering iron around 35 Watts A small roll of solder.. we will also bring some Tweezers A small vice Side cutters A utility knife Needle nose plyers A small tape measure (metric or British units) A multimeter if you have one
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