1. Bring a small set of electronic tools to the session, including a soldering iron. 2. Use TLDetails to calculate the input impedance of the 3.2 metre line that was issued to you at the first session. I recommend that you use Wireman CQ118 for these calculations. See the screen shot below for the sample that I used. Do this for four loads: open,short,170 and 14 Ohms.  Record your results. In my case, the input impedance was 17.19 - j16.57 (170 Ohm load). Frequency = 14.15 MHz. 3. Now measure the RG-8X line using the AIM 4170 impedance meter to compare with the calculations. Record these numbers as they will be used to design the antenna tuner. 4. If time permits, I will show you how to use the 4nec2 matching utility to design   the tuner with the kit supplied. Use a 170 and 14 Ohm load as your first designs.
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4nec2 Matching Utility
We will work towards the design of the antenna tuner in this session. To do this we need to know the value of the input impedance of the 3.2 meter transmission line when connected to a 170 and 14 Ohm load. Some may proceed to the actual design of the tuner.