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The tools required for this project are shown below in the photograph. These tools are fairly small since we are working with RG316 coaxial cable and number 4 hardware. Some of the tools are essential and some will be supplied to you.  The supplied tools are a few precision wire strippers and a tie wrap tightener. Your cutting tools should be sharp, otherwise your cable work will be difficult. The most important tools are: A #1 Phillips screw driver A small metric ruler A very fine felt tip pen A needle nose plier (fairly stubby as shown below: long thin ones are not good for tightening hex nuts) Small sharp sidecutters Small scissors An Exacta knife or small utility knife (new blades) A soldering iron around 80W (ideal to have temperature control) A small electronic type vice Precision wire stripper if you have one: #10 to 24 A set of small screwdrivers Safety glasses: especially if you do not normally wear glasses. I bought mine at a hardware store for under $10. A multimeter if you have one.
The tools shown below below are the ones that I use frequently. You might not have a tie wrap tightener or a precision wire stripper but bring them along if you do. The wrench set should include 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 inch sizes to be used with #4, #6 and #10 hex nuts.
Wrench Set 1/4  to 3/8 inches Small Metric ruler Small Sidecutters Stubby Plier Tie Wrap Tightener Wire Stripper r Srewdriver Set  Phillips + flat head mix Phillips #1 Very Fine Felt Tip Pen Exacta or Small Utility Knife Small Scissors