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WCARC presentation: Why do we need a Balun and Line Isolator and where do we place them in the system? An extensive treatment of Ferrites, Powdered Iron cores and transformers FerroMagnetic Cores:  Lots of Data on winding transformers A good comparison of most Antenna Simulation software; some can be used with Linux 4nec2 Simulator used in this project: Strong graphics and optimization RG316 coaxial cable specifications: low loss and high temperature operation to 200 C Supplier of Toroids: Kits and Parts Resistivity   :in Geology Dielectrics   : general Dielectric constant of Granite (Canadian Shield), Clay, Sand, Water, Snow and other Canadian soil types Reflections from surfaces   Transmission Line Transformers..General 1:1, 1:4, 1:9.... Optimum height of Antenna (QEX) Baluns by W7El: One of the first good explanations on why you need a Balun Inductance calculator for a ferrite or powdered iron toroid Toroid calculator: ferrite and powdered iron toroid
Links to Components, Calculators and Toroids