Ground Plane Four Radials..No Loading Coil

Ground Plane Four Radials Slightly Above Ground: 14 MHz Operation

This antenna is commonly used in portable operation. In this case there are no loading coils and only four radials are used. The gain is low but the antenna is easy to assemble and mount.   Dimensions are given in the 4nec2 file. Gain @ 30 degree take off angle = -2.1 dBi
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Polar Pattern..Vertical plane 14 MHz

Elevation Angle = 30 degrees

Gain @ 14 MHz = - 2.1 dBi

Vertically Polarized
Antenna Layout Oriented vertically Azimuth = 90 degrees

Frequency Response: Optimized in 4nec2 for 14 MHz operation.

Impedance @ Resonance =38 Ohm
Polar Pattern Vertically Polarized