Full Wave Diamond

Full Wave Diamond

This antenna is a full sized loop with a 50 Ohm input impedance and good bandwidth.  Dimensions are given in the 4nec2 file. Gain @ 30 degree take off angle = 5.28  dBi at 14 MHz. Very easy to scale to other bands. Apex angle of  28 degrees produce an input impedance of 50 Ohm. Can be adjusted for 200 Ohm for lower antenna.
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3D antenna pattern, Horizontal Polarization. Antenna radiation is broadside. The maximum gain is 5.27 dBi at an azimuth angle of 90 degrees.

Frequency Response: Optimized in 4nec2 for 14 MHz operation.

Impedance @ resonance =  53 Ohm

Geometry of the Antenna. The diamond shape has a relatively small footprint  which can be an advantage for portable use an limited space application.
Polar pattern showing a maximum gain of 5.28 dBi at a 30 degree takeoff angle.  Horizontally polarized.