Full Sized Dipole With Loading Coils
Full Sized Dipole With Loading Coils This page describes the performance of a coil loaded dipole that is approximately 30% shorter than a halwave dipole.. It is  fabricated using telescoping tubing so that it can be mounted on top of a sturdy fibreglass mast up to 7 metres high. This allows the dipole to be rotated to the direction of interest for broadside radiation. This antenna is quite easy to handle compared with the full sized dipole at the expense of a loss of 0.5 dB gain but it provides a better match. The merits of this antenna are its high gain and ease of matching. The small disadvantage of the antenna is the addition of loading coils(either air wound of powdered iron toroids).   Gain @ 14 MHz = 4.5 dbi at a take off angle of 30 degrees. Dimension are given in the 4nec2 file.
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Polar Pattern..Vertical plane Azimuth angle = 30 degrees
Antenna Layout Oriented along the X axis Azimuth = 90 degrees
Horizontal Gain All radiation is broadside
Vertical Gain Small radiation off the end (endfire)
Total Gain Radiation is broadside
Frequency Response VSWR = 1.6 @ 14 MHz SWR varies with height. Note the good match due to small(nearly 50 Ohm) radiation resistance
Dipole Mount for Al tubing antenna.  Very strong but heavy. OK for 14 MHz but very good for 18 MHz and above. The gray tube covers a ferrite 6 element choke.