End Fed One Wavelength

End Fed One Wavelength

This page presents a study of a full wave end fed antenna. The more commonly used half wave antenna is presented on another page. See index page for its performance. Dimensions are given in the 4nec2 file. Gain @ 30 degree take off angle = 2.5 dBi
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3D antenna pattern.  Antenna oriented along the X axis as usual. Note that there are four radiation lobes as expected for a full wave antenna.  The maximum gain occurs for azimuth angles of 38 and 142 degrees.  Maximum gain at 30 degrees elevation = 2.5 dBi.

Frequency Response: Optimized in 4nec2 for 14 MHz operation.

Impedance @ Resonance = 2000 Ohm. Notice that the frequency response is normalized to Zo = 2000 Ohm which explains the 1:1 SWR at resonance.  A transformer is required to match the antenna to 50 Ohm.
Horizontal Gain (Vertical Plane) Azimuth angle = 30 degrees (NOT broadside)