Downloading 4NEC2 Files
How to Download and Use 4NEC2 Antenna Files To download and use the 4nec2 antenna files do the following: 1. Click on any 4nec2 links on other pages on this web site. The text file will open. 2. Copy the file (Not the web page). 3. Create a text file on your computer such as myantenna.txt. 4. Paste the file into myantenna.txt. 5. Now, open the 4nec2 program.  If this is the first time that you use the program, install a copy from here. 6. Open the file using one of the 4nec2 text editors. I always use NEC Editor (new) because it is simple to use. Here is an example of using step 6 above.  
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4nec2 main window Under Settings:  select the NEC editor (new) Under File :  select open 4nec2 in/out file, browse to the wanted file and click open. You can now proceed to use the 4nec2 simulator. My normal work flow is: 1. Under Window, select Geometry.   A picture of the antenna opens which acts as a good check to see if you have the correct file.
2. Then look at the antenna pattern. Under calculate, select NEC output-data, then Far Field pattern and finally Generate. To see a 3D plot press the function key and select multicolor.
3. Now look at the frequency response. To do this follow 2. above but select frequency sweep.  
4. To edit the file select edit, then Input (.nec) file, the editor opens as shown below. You can now modify all antenna parameters.