Buddipole/Hamstick DIpole

Buddipole/Hamstick Type Dipole

This page gives the performance of a short dipole similar to the buddipole or

a pair of Hamsticks. Because in this example the loaded dipole which is close

the ground has a low gain but is well matched.  The bandwidth is quite narrow

due to the large loading coils.

Gain @ 14 MHz = -0.77 dBi at a take off angle of 30 degrees.

  Dimensions are given in the 4nec2 file.   Antenna height = 3.5 metres:Tripod   mount . Lcoil = 10 uH (quite large)
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Polar Pattern..Vertical plane 14 MHz

Azimuth angle = 30 degrees

Gain @ 14 MHz = -0.77 dBi dBi

Antenna Layout Oriented along the X axis Azimuth = 90 degrees

Frequency Response: Optimized in 4nec2 for 14 MHz operation